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blackscreen KDE- Apps .org Community Portal for KDE Applications Software Office Multimedia Graphic Network Printing Education Games Development Administration Scientific Security Utilities Screensaver News Forum GUI Polls Links Downloads QT Look X11 Linux. … Best Twitter Client Official Twitter Web Interface Choqok Plasma Twitter Applet Twitux gTwitter. Spaz Twitterfox Gwibber Qwit TweetDeck. Other Not using Twitter …

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Tweeting is on the rise. Marketers and public relations professionals need to evaluate ways to use it. A new book provides exceptional model and steps to follow.

Twitter Marketing: Tweeting Proves to be Powerful Business Tool …

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During my recent and ongoing Twitter frenzy I’ve been obsessed with trying to make my twitting experience as easy and efficient as possible. Many bloggers have spent a fair amount of time reviewing the various Twitter applications …

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Serial Box Crime » Four Essential Twitter Apps Every Blogger Needs

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PeopleBrowsr – wowwie! this is the swiss-army knife of twitter apps .. dices & slices & everything.. even things I’ve never thought possible.. I think of it as the web-based Tweetdeck.. plus, it’s an ultimate dashboard for twitter and …

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4 twitter web apps to manage followers and following «

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Some readers took issue with our list of Top 21 Twitter Applications (According To Compete), wherein we tried to gauge which Twitter Web apps were gaining the most benefit in the form of trickle -down traffic from Twitter. …

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The Top 21 Twitter Clients (According To TwitStat)

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Twitpic, an app that lets users share photos on Twitter, took the top spot with 1236828 unique visitors in January. Tweetdeck, which came in second with 285864 monthly visits, is a Twitter app that streamlines notifications and tweets. …

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The Top 21 Twitter Applications (According to Compete)

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In light of the broad consumer interest for the Microsoft® My Phone service announced this week at Mobile World Congress, several promotional codes are being released to the Microsoft Twitter community. Of course you could just jump on …

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Windows Mobile Team Blog : Mobile Tweets: My Phone Codes

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Do You Want the Same Step-by-Step Plan that I Use to Promote my Clients on Twitter ? Twitter Allows You to Build a Loyal Base of Followers and It’s also a Lot of Fun!

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Twitter Marketing – Using Twitter to Promote Your Business

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This is because the main functionality of Twitter involves text messaging people’s tweets to the mobile devices of other users that follow them. Unlike other social networks where friendship is mutual, anyone can follow anyone on …

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Richard Thames – Social Implications of Status Syndication

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I went browsing today amongst the seeming plethora of Twitter applications to see if I thought any of them might be useful. Just in case you have the same sensibilities as me, you might also find my conclusions useful. …

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Twitter web-based apps – hit or missPart One | Ian Richardson

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